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How Eko360 Smartfert Works

 Smartfert is a NZ scientifically proven control release fertiliser


Smartfert uses biodegradable coating technology to encapsulate a urea granular. 
The nutrients are released over time to the soil through nano pores in the membrane ensuring their release is in line with the plant’s requirement for optimum growth.
Smartfert’s control release of nutrients ensures less opportunity for nutrient losses through volatilisation and leaching, increasing the nutrient use efficiency of the fertiliser.
Fertiliser nutrients are encapsulated in a thin membrane that has been made using biodegradable technology.
Soil moisture is absorbed through the membrane liquifying the encapsulated fertiliser nutrients.
Fertiliser nutrients slowly diffuse through nano pores in the membrane, at a rate controlled by the thickness of the membrane.
The membrane is broken down into soil particles after the release of the fertiliser nutrients.
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